How to Fix Mouse Stutter on Windows 10?

Sometimes, while using a Bluetooth mouse, some users may experience some issues like Shutter, freeze, or lag as they try to move the pointer around the computer screen. Generally, because your device is equipped with a wireless Bluetooth chip from Intel, and at times it also set to save power.

Usually, computers can suffer from stutter, lag or freeze term which is commonly used in online gaming. In simple term, shutter, lag or, the freeze is the time difference between initiating a task and the action or result. However, working on the computer system might be very difficult without having any deal with mouse and keyboard. The poor performance of the computers can lead to diminished the overall work output, so fixing these issues will help in improving the efficiency of the computer system.

So here we direct you by providing you with simple steps to fix the stuttering and also some other problems while using a Bluetooth mouse on Windows 10. However, these are a very common issue and occurred due to some reason. The steps are very simple and easy.

Steps to Fix Mouse Stutter on Windows 10

To fix the mouse problems occur while using the Bluetooth, follow the simple steps in ascending order, to make the process easier, here ho to do it:

1.     Open ‘Start’ tab.
2.     Look for the ‘Device Manager,’ and then click on the top result to open the experience.
3.     Then, expand the ‘Bluetooth’ category.
4.     After that, right-click on the ‘Intel Wireless Bluetooth option and choose ‘Properties.’
5.     Next, click on the ‘Power Management’ tab.
6.     Now, clear the ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power’ option.
7.     Then, click on the OK tab.
8.     Finally, click on the ‘Close’ tab to close the Device Manager.

After completing the steps, your mouse should start working normally. These steps should fix stutters, lag, and also freezes and also prevent your mouse from stop responding.

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